BUDDELSHIP Brewery Craft Beer – Hamburg


This year has been the biggest challenge to our brewery ever.

It was in 2014 that we started our brewery in the beauitful old canned fish factory bulding in Hamburg-Stellingen, but in spring 2020 we have been forced out due to the owners plans to take it down and build something that makes more profit.
We moved brewery and warehouse to a temporary home in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg,  but in November we had to leave yet again. For me it was the time to make some tough decisions about the future of the brewery.
After brewing just about everything you can find in the book of beer styles, I wanted to move things forward and focus more on what I really liked.

On one side that is brewing exciting and creative bottom fermented beers, on the other that is of course barrel aging and wild fermentation. And since this doesn’t work so well along each other things had to split up.  So after some years of searching, we have finally found a new home on the countryside where we can rebuild our brewery! It will be the home for the Lost Horizon Brewing and Distilling Project, a farmhouse brewery and distillery where we can grow our own fruits and botanicals, and focus only on the wild side of things.

Thank you for your support. 

Stay tuned – Stay healthy
Simon Siemsglüss

bar oorlam hamburg


Buddelship as a brewery is still homeless unfortunately – but it will continue releasing new beers along a new line of experimentation, and in a new look, starting spring 2021. For now, we will continue to sell and serve (when and if the lockdown is ever over) our beers at our Bar in Hamburg (Bar Oorlam) – and we have also just found a new awesome location right at the harbour, in Grosse Elbstrasse, where we have some exciting plans for next year.



Logo Bar Oorlam -Hamburg

Buddelship core range beers


  • Mitschnagger Pils
  • Deichbrise Lager
  • Kohlentrimmer Schwarzbier
  • Blanker Hans Weissbier ausverkauft
  • 2x The Steelyard IPA
  • Great Escape IPA

 6-pack €15  |  12-pack €28

hoppy range buddelship craft beer



  • Great Escape IPA (2x/4x)
  • Moonshine (2x/4x)
  • Mr B (2x/4x)

 6-pack €18  |  12-pack €34

Buddelship BA & Stout craft beers


  • Jam Session II
  • Eisbrecher
  • Herois do Mar
  • Dr Schnabel
  • Whisky&Sour (2.btls)

6-pack €25 | 12-pack €48




  • 1x Lost Horizon Flanders Red
  • 1x Imperial Sour
  • 1x Lost Horizon Lambic


3 Biere €40

Zu Hause Box Buddelship Brauerei

Zu Hause Box

  • 6 Biere
  • 2 Genevers
  • holländischen Hartkäse
  • 1 französische Salami
  • 2  Gläser und Verkostungsnotizen