An ongoing journey into the fascinating world of natural fermentation, beers and spirits


Our Harbor and official taproom of Buddelship and Filosoof Jenever, located in the historic Neustadt in downtown Hamburg. In order to directly serve our beers and spirits in Hamburg, we decided to start our taproom project in 2017.

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Lost Horizon Farm

Our newest and surely most exciting project, The Lost Horizon Farm, started in 2020, is a farmhouse brewery and distillery fully dedicated to a farm to bottle philosophy. That means, we are an organic farm that grows our own grains, fruits and botanicals and then turn them into the most specials beers and spirits we can think of. Traditional brewing with coolship, spontaneous fermentation, and barrel aging. ‘Old-shool’ distilling over wood fire using our barley and rye and the rich and exciting world of local fruits and botanicals. Needless to say we strive to be 100% on renewable energy.

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